Spotlight on Richard Lewis

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Staff Writer – DMAC

original publication – 09/10/2010

“Album art is the music industry’s equivalent to the movie poster. It’s the ultimate form of promotional design. Bonus materials like mini books extended the magic of the music held within.” Richard takes every opportunity he can get to create package design for bands, “The design can be iconic and full of symbolism, so it’s challenging. I think that,s why I design, because its challenging.”

Visual design supports the musician in a symbiotic relationship. Video and audio are inseparable yet seldom given the chance to really spend time together. I think this is the direction of the music video, a renaissance of image and sound.” He also explores this audio/visual relationship fully in-depth in his personal multimedia project, Toward Z, In the end it became both an interactive piece and a music video. I created all of the music in Apple Logic.”

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